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Collaboration between ARISTON BTS and VIDIGO

ARISTON BTS, continues its partnerships with companies that are leaders in the field Broadcast, Broadband and Telecommunications, has entered into strategic collaboration with VidiGo (

Under this agreement, ARISTON BTS will promote, sale and support all VidiGo's products and services to Greece.


About VidiGo

VidiGo is a software product developer specialized in automating audio & video production workflows. VidiGo is an independent Dutch company located in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. Company's mission is to provide national and international broadcasters, production companies, publishers, news agencies, and governmental organizations stable, innovative and state-of-the- art software products.

The core product line brings the future of video production to the clients, helping them to create new business models for (interactive) broadcast television, theme channels, Web-TV and mobile TV.

VidiGo strongly believes in creativity and innovation. Therefore, the company invest twenty percent of their resources in research and development. Together with universities, knowledge institutes and solutions partners strive to be the most innovative player in the market. Ease of use, intuitive Graphical User Interfaces control highly complex underlying video and audio processes.

This new partnership creates a significant competitive advantage in ARISTON BTS' partner network, and maximizes the range of services it can offers to its customers